The Israeli/ Palestinian conflict is a seminal conflict of our era. It is the contact point between cultural positions that have been in violent struggle for centuries. It provides an ongoing opportunity for extremist minorities both within and outside those two communities to have dangerous influence on local, regional and international politics. Because the contested region is of special importance to the international Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities, the conflict divides these communities from one another and dispirits us all.

Extremist minorities perpetuate the conflict in pursuit of their own agendas. They set the agenda for public and diplomatic discourse, sew mistrust, dehumanize the "other", and create a sense of what is and is not possible. They are tireless in their efforts and control the public ideas space because market realities define news as "when bad things happen to people". Acts of cooperation that humanize the "other" and build trust get little exposure while extremist groups receive free media coverage worth millions of dollars.

A Different Future helps moderate majorities reclaim the public idea space and regain control over the policy agenda that will determine our collective futures. ADF uses communications experts to amplify the voices of Israelis and Palestinians who work together. We create new collective voices of Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leadership, locally, nationally and internationally. If enabled, these voices can contain the violence that originates within their cultures more effectively than force from without.

Our accomplishments demonstrate proof of concept and feasibility.